Family Owned and Operated since 1988

Falls Restaurant & Catering Welcomes you!

You’re hungry and looking for the best restaurant nearby, so you ask yourself, “where’s the best restaurant near me?”

Doesn’t matter at the Falls Restaurant & Tavern if you’re from the neighborhood or just passing through, we would love to have you come join us for a quick bite to eat and a little friendly socializing.

Regulars refer to it as T-burg’s living room, because the chatter is always friendly and the atmosphere relaxed,   offering guests a delicious, affordable dining spot for the whole family!





TUESDAY  6:00 AM   TO   2:00 PM

WEDNESDAY  6:00 AM   TO  2:00 PM

THURSDAY  6:00 AM  TO  7:30 PM

FRIDAY  6:00 AM TO 7:30 PM

SATURDAY 6:00 AM  TO 7:30 PM

SUNDAY  7:00 AM  TO 1:00 PM